This is Mwakini Dispensary at Kanyonyoo Village in Yatta/ Kwa Vonza Ward, Kitui rural Sub-county .

The construction of the dispensary has been completed and the next phase is to equip it and staff it with appropriate medical personnel so that it can serve the people of Kwa Vonza/Yatta.

The revolutionary interlocking blocks produced by our youth at the Kitui Youth Development Centre (KIYODEC) in Manyenyoni have been used to put up this magnificent structure there by cutting the cost of construction by about half and reducing the turn around time by upto 60%

The size of the dispensary is equivalent to three ECDE classes and it cost Ksh. 1.8 million. The cost of one ECDE class is estimated around Ksh. 1.2 million which means three classes will cost Ksh. 3.6 Million. This is a huge saving for Kitui people.

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While young people are gainfully employed in making these interlocking blocks at Manyenyoni, the people of Yatta/Kwa Vonza are enjoying medical services closer home. If this is not developed, what is?

Today Chief Officer in the Office of the Governor Zakayo Kimanzi carried out an inspection of the facility to monitor its progress.

Mr. Zakayo reiterated Governor Ngilu’s message for organized groups to continue applying for the Kitui County Empowerment fund that Governor Ngilu has unveiled to support businesses and investments across Kitui County. Application for the Empowerment fund is free and application forms can be picked at the nearest village administrator’s office.

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Kwa ground vitu ni development Kwa ground vitu ni KALUKI NGILU.

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