Amb Hon Kiema Kilonzo In offensive charm drive Says Water is a priority to Kituians.

It’s about one year to the general election, governments at all levels are now reviewing their score cards. In Kitui County things seems to have fallen apart due much of what promised remains to be a mystery.

One of the mega promise to the people of Kitui county that earned the former and the current support was the promise to address issues to do with accessibility to sufficient clean water for consumption domestically and for animals.

Now this has remained to be a mystery to be since 2013 residents of Kitui are still languishing in thirst.

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The percentage areas of Kitui connected water especially piped water is less than 5%.

Cries have been heard from Ikutha, Mutomo, Mbitini, Yatta, Mui, Nuu, Mwingi, Mumoni, Kyuso, Tharaka, Ngomeni, Muutha among other area that entirely rely on seasonal rivers and water from the caves which is harmful to their health and scarce too.

Amb Hon Kiema Kilonzo who has always been with residents assessing the reality on scarcity of water in entire Kitui has given people that he will address the issues once he takes the batton of leadership come 2022.

Balozi Kiema has already traversed all areas of Kitui starting as far as Ikutha all the way to Tharaka. Lastly he was at Mwingi North in Kyuso Subcounty when he addressed the issue and gave a framework on how he is going to tackle this problem if the Kitui electorates entrust him with their votes in 2022.

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Meanwhile Amb. Kiema Kilonzo has been offering water tanks, donating water trucks and lobbying from the donors in Kenya and abroad in his efforts to solve water problems. The residents have applauded Amb Kiema and vowed to install him as their governor come 2022.

They have also said that he has taken enough time to go to grassroot rather depending on media and reporters.

Since 2013 Balozi Kiema Kilonzo has been holding all the regimes to account and asking those in power device a mechanism to ensure there is enough water for domestic use, irrigation and for animals.

Both regimes remain adamant on the issue that seems to anger most of the residents. He has promised to see the completion of Wikithuki irrigation scheme and extension of Kiambere pipeline in Mwingi North, as well as pushing for extension of Tana-Athi water company.

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He has also promised to revive Kiwasco which seems to have died due to poor management.
Apart from water supply .


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