On Saturday, God opened an opportunity for me to visit Musovo Dispensary in Nguni Ward of Mwingi Central Constituency. What I saw there is the worst case of neglect and marginalisation.

When the Executive arm of the county government of Kitui says that they have state of the art medical facilities and equipment in the county, I hope they are not talking about the anthills and termite hills inside this forsaken facility.

The facility was put up by the previous administration but the current government has blatantly refused to operationalize it. These visits to our health facilities are now depressing me.

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How I wish the millions of shillings that our governor is dishing out to try and entice people to reelect her would be used to fix the rotten health care services. Why deny people services and then try to confuse them with money? It will not work. God help us.

Enoch Kiio Wambua,
Senator, Kitui County

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