Embattled Kitui Water chief Officer Mr Kiilu is set to be removed from the Office over many accounts if the allegation from MCAs Will hold water.

The trusted Ngilu’s water Chief Officer is battling negative public opinion court, – section of Kitui Members of County assembly have vowed to push the Officer out of the giant Water ministry after allegedly failing to perform according to the expectation of the people.

During the recent meeting in Mombasa that brought together members of the County Executive and members of the county assembly, the MCA demanded to cross-check the itemised budget for the ministry of water forcing the CO to strategically Skip the Meeting.


“The proud water CO skipped Our very important Session forcing our colleague “Legislators” to demand postponement of the Meeting” MCA told press .

The Minister Kisangau and his CO Kiilu are expected to face the MCAs in the Assembly.

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