Agriculture is the back bone of Kenya’s economy. That is why a policy exist of Agriculture developing down stream to the 47 Counties, Kitui included.

When devolution was introduced by the 2010 constitution, coming into effect during the 2013 general election was a sigh of relief towards developing agriculture sector.

But alas, with two regimes in place, Kituians have nothing to celebrate, Ambasador Kiema is the real deal for the people of Kitui according to online opinion polls.

Despite numerous policy documents and reports consulted developed plans that focus on rural areas, nothing has reached the common mwananchi.

There has been talk of promoting irrigation in the semi arid Kitui County, promoting bee keeping as well as the ‘Ndengu’ revolution which have never picked.

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As a result, annoyed residents are up in arms against the two regimes and are now baying for change of Kitui County Administration.

A new revolution of a young blood has become the order of the day a head of August 9, 2022 General Election.

Never again will the Kitui voters entertain re-electing the first or second County Administration at all.

Change of Kitui to become an agricultural basket for its residents and Kenya at large is what the voters will go for.

And Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo is the change Kituians are graving for.

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