Bitter resident of Chuluni and the entire kitui East led by their Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai have rejected Governor Ngilu.

In a charged burial of the late Nancy’s over the week,Majority took issue with Ngilu’s hospitalization at Nairobi hospital after collapsing at home.

Kitui Minister hon Koki Kuvasila had rough time addressing the mourners and on 4 occasions his mic was put off.

“Kwanini yeye hakutibiwa Kitui? Kwendeni huko mashetani nyinyi, useless….” Shouted a bitter woman, referring to Ngilu’s admission at Nairobi hospital where she was flown in a chopper after her oxygen levels due to COVID19.

Ever since Ngilu came to power, she has done nothing but to loot, while cobbling up a criminal enterprise called mbee nzei that is run by the incompetent governor and her clique of thieves to engage in shenzi projects. Bitter Residents claimed.

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It is out of this that all hospitals in Kitui county have become skeletons with no drugs. Ngilu and her thieves have looted even COVID 19 funds, leaving the facilities with no ounce of oxygen, no ventilators and no functional ICU beds.

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