The Controversial Political Scientist Prof Mutahi Ngunyi who Predicted the Jubilee landslide win in 2013 does not shy away from political Confrontation on his Twitter handle.

The Celebrated Political analyst invented the Tyranny Of Numbers in Kenyan political space, he one time Tweeted, “RUTO will not become President, Ruto will be Made President by Million Hustlers in the country.

The Ruling Jubilee Party for the last four years has undergone serious cracks after the infamous handshake that brought Opposition leaders into the government side.

The Move Affected the working relationship between President Kenyatta and his Deputy Dr William Ruto, a lot has changed within the ruling party and the government with Professor MUTAHI NGUNYI Becoming the Arch critic of the deputy President Dr William Ruto on his Social Media handles.

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On Saturday, the Professor of Politics initiated opinion polls on his Twitter asking if the election were held today, who will be?

The results were resounding, clear as Day and Night that his preferred choice Of Raila Odinga received fewer votes while the Deputy President Dr William Ruto whom he Daily Criticises Emerged as the Preferred Choice for Kenyans.

Here are the results.

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