Sunday, August 5th, 2021.
Zombe, Kitui East

By: Brian Malasi.

Governor Charity Ngilu has challenged Kitui residents to be weary of the people they trust leadership upon.

Speaking while delivering Governor Ngilu’s message to the congregation at AIC Zombe, Ms. Fatuma Ngesa, the Governor’s Personal Assistant urged the congregation to be weary of people masquerading as leaders vying for various positions within the county.

Further she reminded the congregation of the need for them to observe the COVID-19 protocol to the latter.

Afterwards, Ms. Fatuma conducted an impromptu inspection of the Zombe Health facility. Informed by the need to ensure a robust, effective and affordable health-care system as promised by Governor Ngilu in her 2nd pillar, the tour established availability of prescription drugs in the facility. This tour makes part of a county-wide inspection of health facilities that will culminate in a report to be tabled to Governor Charity Ngilu.

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