Beating influential Mwingi West youthful Member of Parliament Hon. Charles Ngusya Nguna Will not be a cup of tea in 2022. The legislator has featured in the Latest Mzalendo Research opinion as one of the best hard working Mp in Kenya.

The ambitious Mp has proved to the Country that he is not a common leader by delivering development to the people beyond the NG-CDF kitty.

The sprouting legislator has so far done over 14 dams through his own salaries and mileages allowances , 360 water pads , electrification of over 2,000 households, his partnership with NGOs which are doing over 100 water Dams in Mwingi West, partnership with NGOs in educating Needy students in Mwingi West, KERRA lobbying opening up and doing roads in all 4 wards , partnership with NIB doing dams .

Just from his personal savings, Hon. Nguna the charismatic first time MP for Mwingi West has constructed 14 Earth dams and 360 Water pads (though not a function of NG-CDF) and others ongoing across the constituency, as per his campaign pledges to the electorate.

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On Education, besides NG-CDF bursaries, since his election in 2017, the MP has also continuously been offering full scholarship to students from vulnerable families to better their future.

This are are just a few of development initiatives Hon. Nguna is undertaking for the people with use of his own resources.

See attached photos…
Is the ambitious Hon. Nis guna thinking outside the box or without the box!


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