Former Kitui Senator hon David Musila is the Preferred Candidate for Wiper Party in 2022 gubernatorial races; Because he is the Only Strong candidate who can deliver to the Party, Ignore Rumours being Peddled by his Competitors – Sources reveals.

The battle for Kitui Gubernatorial Race and siblings rivalries within Wiper Party is brewing to the high heaven over who should be given the party certificate to take on Governor charity Ngilu in the 2022 general election.

Wiper boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon David Musila.

Section of supporters allied to Dr Malombe, Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo and Kitui Governor is accused of sponsoring online propaganda to tarnish the former Senator Hon David Musila saying he has joined UDA.

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We embarked on fact-finding and establishing the truth, and for the record, Hon David Musila is in Wiper and the differences which were occasioned during the last general election party preliminaries has been sorted out.

“The Party regrets to have given a certificate in 2017 to a weaker candidate who was later defeated by the incumbent Governor with a landslide margin and they will not redo the same mistake” sources revealed.

Those who are sponsoring propaganda against Senator Musila should instead Sell their master Manifesto and agendas for the people instead of running daily propaganda.

Prepare for the Musila government

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