Kitui Central:

The First pioneer Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe on Saturday joined family, friends and other mourners for the funeral service of the late Bernard Woie Kavivya at Unyaa Catholic Church -Kyangwithya West, Kitui Central.

During the Ceremony, Dr Malombe strategically Dismissed his competitors as clueless and randarless individuals who have nothing show. He promised to continue with the work he had started when elected next year.

Dr.Malombe eulogised the late Kavivya as a kind, generous, supportive and development oriented man who always championed the best interests of the people of Kitui County.

He further said, Kavivya constantly engaged him on matters pertaining the development of Kyangwithwa West and Kitui Central constituency at large during his term as pioneer governor for Kitui County.

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