The former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe will be remembered for initiating Projects across the county.

That is ostensibly the reason why majority of the people of kitui want him back by all costs.

In a record of four years, Dr Malombe has done 5292 visible and variable projects across the county with Less Than 8b Anually!.

Kitui Governor Ngilu is getting over 47B for the last fours Years
She can only Show case three project which she is being accused of using to siphon the county money

The Governor will have hard Time to get reelected, the ground is restless and ready to vomit her, kwa Vonza MCA Told gathering at kwa vonza recently.

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Today’s Popularity on the ground

1. Dr. Malombe,
2. Hon David Musila .
3 Jonathan Mueke.
4.Ngilu/ Kiema

Malombe has improved.

Jonathan Mueke is Improving.

Hon. David Musila is improving

Ambassador Kiema kilonzo is stagnant.

Ngilu’s Ship is sinking and sinking. If the election is held today NGILU will be Number 4/5. Daniel 5:25-26

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