The healthier the citizens of a Country, or County as is the case with Kenya, the more effective the workforce; the better the health of their children, the fewer births, and hence the fewer dependents.

Vaccinations and preventative strategies for childhood diseases, the vulnerable Members of Society are of key importance.

Kitui Governor Ngilu with Cuban doctors.

But for Kitui County residents, the better health care has remained a dream as public health facilities are ever strained of drugs leave alone personnel.

Since Devolution came into force after the 2013 General Elections, to-date, the residents have remained on their own as regards to medication.

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The situation has even been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic that has left thousands of families mourning deaths of their dear ones.

Despite Billions of Shillings disbursed to Kitui County coffers’ to mitigate spread of the pandemic, the money has ended in private pockets leaving the residents struggle on their own. Kitui Referral Hospital has nothing to address Covid-19 infection and deaths have been the result.

The residents of Ithookwe, the home of Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu were dump founded when a medically equiped chopper landed to airlift her to Nairobi Hospital after being infected by Coronavirus.

The Governor has what it takes to be attended at the biggest and most expensive hospital in Kenya. But an ordinary residents unable to make ends meet is alone.

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And that is why the Kitui voters have vowed change is inevitable to have things put in order.

Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo is the face for a better Kitui County.

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