Opinion: The People of Kitui County have suffered enormously under the leadership of the two governors, Namely Dr Julius Malombe and Hon Charity Ngilu.

It is the high time the voters look for alternative leadership, It’s strategic and stupidity to do the same thing and expect different results.

We can bet, Multi bet, disagree to agree, but the fact of the matter is – the sitting Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu will not do more than what she has done so far. Expect no Miracle.

Governor Ngilu is in her final lap in terms of outliving her usefulness, Dr Malombe did better in his term than Ngilu, although his work was found to be unsatisfactory, he was voted out, he can never be the alternative.

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Kitui former senator Hon David Musila will be an ideal candidate to change the deplorable state of healthcare, water provision in kitui and for fair distribution of resources, Give it to Musila according to the opinion of many people. He is the Sure bet.

He is currently not doing much on the ground, but if he gets his acts together, he will be sworn in in August 2022 God willing.

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