Kitui governor Charity Ngilu launched health insurance cover i.e KCHIC (Kitui County Health Insurance Cover). This was to provide quality and affordable healthcare to more than 270,000 households. This card is renewed annually with Ksh 1,100 so estimation of 270M is collected every year.

Kituians are complaining day in day out that there’s no medication in the health facilities and they are advised to buy the prescribed drugs from pharmacies/ chemists. The question is, if people are paying for this insurance cover how do they benefit from it? They pay for the insurance cover but they are buying drugs from pharmacies. This government has really failed and it has come to our attention that this is now a business like any other. Instead of Caring and providing services to the people Kitui government is conning her people. What a shame!!.

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The time has come. Yes, we need to wake up we can’t be someone’s source of income anymore. We Kituians deserve the best and only *AMB HON KIEMA KILONZO* who will rescue us. He believes that service to mankind is service to God and he is fit for the position.
Available, Capable and Reliable for Kitui.


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