Kitui Gubernatorial race in 2022 general election will not be business as usual, tighten your belt and breast lace, it is going to be a tough game ever.

former kitui Senator hon David Musila has so far locked the entire Mwingi nation.

Mwingi has over one hundred and seventy Thousand registered voters while the larger kitui has over 250k voters, the larger kitui has four candidates, Governor Charity Ngilu, Dr Julius Makau Malombe, former Nairobi Deputy Governor Dr Jonathan Mueke and ambassador Kiema konzo.

David Musila is alone in Larger Mwingi.

Cornered Team Malombe is running baseless propaganda every day, Ati Musila is old, Musila has endorsed Malombe and so on.

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Many have opinionated that Hon. Musila is the only sure BET and the only person who can salvage kitui from its crippling state

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