Why Kenyans need wiper boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka – Kenya needs good people in leadership, someone who can unite the country, a president who can take care of the people who is not greedy for power.

A person who has never been involved in corruption dealings, a person who can revive the dwindling economy in Kenya.

The person who will put Kenya in the right direction.

Is wiper party boss his Excellency Dr Stephen Kenzo Musyoka has been documented as the peaceful man in Africa and corrupt free the sure BET?Will his peers support you?Will ODM Leader Rt haldi Raila Endocs Endorse him and Declare KALOZO TOSHA just like he did to Kibaki?

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Will Kenyan go for the right person?Mosesibly Kenyan Presidentials are revamanted on the boardroom – the presidential election is not about the people vote, it’s a negotiated affair.
What is the future of Kenya?

The BBI Was a good idea, a good document but the promoters did not carry the aspirations of Kenyans, it was a good idea but drove by the fate of BBI?Who will save the country?
The next president should allow the process to continue in 2022.

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