By Kitui Youth Network

Hon David Musila is an outstanding politician with an immeasurable wealth of experience having served as a Provisional Administrator, MP, and Senator.

He has immense influence in Government and International Community. His integrity is beyond comparison. Hon Musila deserves a stint as Kitui Governor 2022-2027.

Some enemies of development, who have nothing to offer, well-known failures, and shameless thieves have ganged up against the Father of Development and are using all manner of evil schemes and stupid propaganda.

The people of Kitui County must stand firm and treat them with utter contempt.

Youths should distinguish themselves from mere political zombies. They must demand policies that create conditions for learning, opportunities, and experience so that their skills, competencies, and knowledge are developed.


This is the only way to make them play active roles in civil society and the labor market. Besides, they can integrate into society and be actors of democracy.

We want to hear and see politicians offering and giving solutions, platforms, and opportunities to youths to develop themselves. Mambo ya so and so Tosha, Kava so and so, let’s leave to desperate and ignorant youths who still want to please the political class.

Kitui Youth Network

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