How Mbee Nzei Chief praise and Worship Chief Choir master Yoana CEO County Diary Is Misused by Gov Ngilu

Google adsense pays yoana kimwele more than Mbee Nzei by far!

Yoana has been missing key revenues from Google for fear of rubbing Mbee Nzei wrongly..

Interestingly when Mbee Nzei rewards it’s key guys through appointments to boards,directors, casuals Yoanas name my neighbor is always missing. Is this fair to the son Of Soil? Who will speak for the boy!

Why is Mbee Nzei chief defender, yoana, CEO of county Diary not being rewarded like others?/ama sio wa Mbooni in Makueni?

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As Yoanas neighbor in mutha Ward am getting worried. What if he turns his DEADLY GUNS to the Gvt?//will they handle it ?

Yoana Must be rewarded in Toto

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