Kitui Senator Wambua Responds To Gov. Ngilu’s Allegations


My attention has been drawn to a lie by one Charity Kaluki Ngilu who, quite unfortunately, occupies the office of the Governor of Kitui County. Thankfully she has only a few days in that office before she goes to jail for GRAND corruption.

While in Zombe, she lied to the people that the reason I am oversighting the performance of her corrupt government is because I allegedly wrote a letter to her asking for Sh6m to buy goats and that when she refused to give me the money, I started fighting her.

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First things first, that is a BIG, FAT lie; but of course no one should ever expect any truth from a person as evil as Charity Kaluki Ngilu. Oversight is my mandate and I will do it in season and out of season; she does not have to be happy about it but I will do it.

Secondly, I want Ngilu to tell the people of Kitui whether her lie about the Sh6m is the reason why:
1. There are no drugs in our hospitals?
2. The two mobile clinics donated by First Lady Mama Margaret Kenyatta have been grounded?
3. She burned down the Kitui County Finance offices, as officially reported by the County Assembly of Kitui?
4. ECDE teachers have no scheme of service?
5. Village Administrators have stagnated in the same Job Group since 2015?
6. She inflated the cost of the stone crasher at Kwa Kilui.
7. She has used Covid 19 hundreds of millions of shillings to buy jua kali equipment for making tomato paste?.

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Lastly for today, Ngilu should come out clean and tell the people of Kitui that she is trying to find relevance in the county so that she can have an avenue to sell Raila Odinga for President.

The only way she thinks she can do this is by making me, a firm believer in a Kalonzo Musyoka presidency, look bad in the eyes of the people. Pole sana Mama Ngilu, you will go and sell Raila in Bondo and the Nyanza region. Not in Kitui.

Not when I am still the Senator of Kitui County. Not when Kalonzo Musyoka is running to win the presidency.
The entire truth to shame the evil lie will come tomorrow with additional details.

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Enoch Kiio Wambua,
Senator, Kitui County.

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