It’s been 9 years now since we inaugurated the incumbent kitui county government. We relied 100% on the promises of being prioritized as no 1 agenda in the development, service and empowerment arena.

Our county government has knowingly forgotten that we as youth rarely forget and we are people of a great nation to perfect and sharpen our future as early as today.

Youth is not immortality, more than anything, youth is the power to make choices however we’ve found ourselves severally being lifted high like a sharp knife only to hit a rock.

You become wise with your experiences and the experience we’ve gained so far is enough to realize the need to change our goal and set ourselves towards a kind soul of leadership that can view the youths as extremely a tool for tomorrows successful generation. We are missing something.

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Our youth today is empty, yes empyty.No longer do the youth dream and believe they can change the world. Poor leadership administration has destroyed the beautiful idealism of our youth, the intricate illusions and fearless aspirations. All hope is truly lost just because of hopeless promises perpetrated by greedy and negligent leaders.

Just like an abandoned child who has to fight for his own life it’s a moment of self-realization, time to keep the best and let go of the distractors. We can do more than our predecessor but the only tool and media to use at this juncture are to set our eyes on Amb Kiema Kilonzo.

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He is a passionate soul who knows well that we are may be young but wise, we may be inexperienced but zealous driven, we may be shy but passionate age is just a number and life can change. Nothing is impossible with Balozi Kiema Kilonzo.

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