Governor Charity Ngilu’.s administration has shifted the development paradigm to support value addition towards wealth creation.

The livestock trucks being collected today are a realization of a long-held dream and commitment of Governor Ngilu’s government to support livestock farmers and traders to realize the full potential of their animals. This dream to support our farmers and traders which started in 2018 has had its fair share of challenges but it is finally seeing the light of day.

Kitui has 17 main livestock markets with Tseikuru in the North being over 300 km from Mutha in the South.

Animals are walked across 3 to 5 markets covering not less than 200 km over 4 days.

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Kitui loses approximately Ksh 3.1 billion annually as a result of our livestock trekking daily from Soko to Soko in search of better prices.

Over 1000 animals trek daily across the County from Soko to Soko resulting in loss of weight, reduced value, and poor quality beef.

A trekking animal loses approximately 20kgs which makes the animal produce high adrenaline making the beef acidic, tough and flat.

Inarguably 1000 animals trekking lose approximately 20,000 kgs of beef daily.

Considering that each kilogram has a market value of Ksh 500 shillings it means Kitui loses Ksh 10 million shillings daily as a result of this obvious unattended problem.

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Every week therefore we lose Ksh. 60,000,000 shillings and in a year we lose approximately Ksh. 3.1 billion shillings.

The Livestock transportation trucks here today are modified to help Kitui livestock farmers and traders with safe, quick, and efficient transport for their animals to various markets.

The benefits from this program will be reaped by the farmers and traders through higher earnings. This will create wealth within the livestock sector and for Kitui households.

The returns from these trucks will be re-invested back into the livestock industry. Our livestock traders will be well represented in the running of these trucks to ensure equity and fairness.

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