On Wednesday, September 29th 2021- Kitui County Minister for Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau is leading a team of other senior officers from the County Government of Kitui in distribution of medical drugs and equipments to Kyuso Sub-County Hospital.

Kyuso Sub-County Hospital Health Administrator Mr Laban Momangi is receiving the drugs which are further going to be redistributed to all other medical facilities within the entire Sub-County immediately upon being recorded.

From here the Lorries will proceed to Tseikuru for Tseikuru medical facilities distribution then wide up at Migwani level 4 Hospital for all health facilities within the entire Mwingi West Sub-County.

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This exercise is in preparation of Governor Ngilu’s launch of Universal Health Care (UHC) which will be done on Friday, October 1st 2021.

The exercise of medical drugs/equipments is currently underway in all Sub-County Hospitals in the whole Kitui County (eight Sub-Counties) then more distribution be done to all other medical facilities in the entire Kitui County.

Environment and Tourism Minister is accompanied by a team of other several senior officers from the County Government of Kitui; among them Hon Minister Kyalo Muthusi, Chief for Ministry of Education ICT and Youth Development, Economic Planning Director Paul Kimwele.

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