“We are told that Youth are the Leaders of Tomorrow. But when Does Tomorrow Start?”

The time is now, I believe. Let us not wait for tomorrow to become leaders so that we can start solving problems then. As a young person, whatever capacity you find yourself in today, begin seeking solutions to the challenges that you and other Kenyan youth or Kitui youth face. You have the power in you to bring about that change.

So for the Kitui youth take your stake and make your position heard! Period.

The general elections see a massive turnout from youth every five years.

In 2022 General Election, Kitui youth have an agenda of voting a new regime under Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo as the next Governor. Under the Leadership of Kiema Kilonzo, the youth will play their role as leaders and decision makers as employees in the County government.

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With the youth making nearly two-thirds of the total registered voters, they take the credit for giving the most votes to any political parties or coalitions existing at the time. And that is why Kiema Kilonzo is putting them at the centre stage.

He has identified Kitui youth as being very vocal in political campaigns who will carry his banners, cloak his political party or coalition’s attire, and chant his slogans.

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