Kitui Governor Ngilu is determined to win back the seat by interfering with Wiper party Preliminaries.

If Kitui former governor Dr Makau Malombe will Gets the Wiper Ticket, Governor Charity Ngilu will be Elected in the morning,

But If Hon David Musila Gets wiper tickets, .it will be a done deal for the embattled Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki NGILU, you can take it to the bank for a loan.

Talking of kitui county top seat, we should consider a development oriented leader irregadless of age and he/she comes from.

The development that David Musila brought to Mwingi South is unmatched upto to-date. Our county is messed up and needs a mature leader “yaani mundu mumbaumbanu” Otherwise we will live to complain the rest of our lives.
Politics of fact.

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If malombe gets a wiper ticket Ngilu will retain her seat early morning but if musila gets a wiper ticket Ngilu will lose her seat early in the morning. Even the Governor knows who is a threat to reelection.

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