By Skymoon

THE stage is set at Kitui stadium. Ngilu’s cousin and rent seeker Kioko Kasamba Kiilu from Makueni is the MC.

When she takes to the floor, failed Ngilu launches into her predictable sympathy seeking antics.

“Yu malume nimongamie ingi, nimuundethesya tuvalukye malume asu?” failed Ngilu pleads, only getting muffled approval from her slaving Waziris.

The rest of the staff, who have not been paid their salaries for last month are as quiet as a dead mortuary.

The queen of theatrics tries another line.
“Nimukwitikila kana notuseuvye syindu situ na tukumya Kitui thinani? Inywi mwi proud kana muyi proud?” she coos, while peering her lying eyes across the disinterested audience. Total silence.

“Mama uu niwatunoisye. Hii ni mkutano ya upumbavu…” complains a staff member.

This happened today at Kitui stadium where outgoing Ngilu had summoned county workers to beg, cajole and even intimidate them into supporting her barren reelection bid.
She even bribed each of the attending staff members with Ksh500/ and they were made to queue for the handouts like school kids!

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However, what was more curious was how mbee nzei senior officers engaged junior staff in nonsensical banter, totally unrelated to Ngilu’s reelection.
None had a message to woo the county staff to Ngilu’s side.
They launched into offside issues that left many in bewilderment.

Listen to them…

Koki Musau alias Waiya Kuvasila

“Kuu kwenze kwenze…waiya itura ii yonze nikuthukume, masivitali yu mena ndawa, avinzani mayina lomoni kuu kwenze kwenze…” Kuvasila yelled a hopeless tirade in his Ngura dialect that left everybody confused.

Dr Wathe Nzau

With a boyish smile that belies his true feelings, Wathe thanked the rejected governor for giving him an opportunity to impregnate county cows.
He also talked about Ndengu being a cash cow…sorry cash crop.
“Ndengu is now a cash crop, our governor is now doing manufacturing…” Wathe mouthed as one of our female moles winked at him. He smiled some more, but nobody believed the suffering DG.

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Esther Kilonzi.

This is the unfortunate woman who commissioned a multi million poop aggregation centre in Mutomo town about 4 months ago. But when she returned there recently, she did not use the choo herself.
She told the bored staff mbee nzei is planning to open more Kicotec branches. The audience yawned in boredom.

Waziri Emmanuel Kisangau

Timid as ever, Kisangau had no message neither for himself nor for the staff. He feebly told staff to prepare for rains and quietly sat down. At mbee nzei, Kisangau cuts the image of a molested seminarian.

Waziri Helena Ken

Mistaking the gathering for a gospel concert, the heavily powdered songbird blurted out.
“Imba imba… ambia mtu hatarudi kuwa vile…yote yawezekanaaa…” she tried to excite the bored audience. Soon she resumed her seat and was seen powdering her nose from inside her bulky handbag.

Dr Temi Mutia.

Then somebody started talking from a corner but majority of the people could not see who it was, no matter how hard they craned their necks.
But alas! it was Msomi Daktari Temi, who ditched lecture halls for Ngilu’s voodooism.

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He educated the workers about the population of Kenya, China and the world. He then took a detour.
“I accompanied Her Excellency madam governor to India and Vietnam and I saw firsthand how they’re making women bra and other undergarments using local material. It is value addition guys….” Temi chimed before disappearing as fast as he had popped up.

Curiously, somewhere in the middle of the meeting, outgoing governor Kaluki seemed to sense massive defeat. And she appeared to strike a reconciliatory tone.

” Athukumi ala mwivaa na ndyaamwandika mwimakwa kwa oyu. Ngwatei kwoko. Ula waivo asyoka ona ala naandikie makethiwa o make…” Ngilu said, sounding defeated and lost at the same time.
She was referring to development maverick, Dr Julius Makau Malombe.

Indeed winds of change are cutting across Kitui like a ravaging tornado.

Ngilu must be kicked out by all means. Not because she is a woman, but because she is incompetent and has overseen massive wastage, plunder and misappropriation of public resources.

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