#OPINION: The political differences, Fitina, vendetta and incitement between Kitui public service board chair lady and the Chief Executive Officer Mr Muthengi should be arbitrated to end the emerging bad blood between the two ranking officers.

The continued differences between the two ranking officers are threatening the derails the work at the board and should be handled with care on both sides as well as destroying the decorated careers of the two officers.

There is an elaborate process of dealing with the Board Secretary as well as the chair or any member, the board cannot just wake up to discipline the Board Secretary or any other officer a due process must be followed.

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Section 58 of the County Government Act 2012 and Article 251 of the Constitution of Kenya quote properly, the Board cannot be said to be duly constituted without the Board Secretary. See section 58 of the County Government Act.

Let’s people keep off bad politics between the two senior officials for the prosperity of the board and the workers.

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