Hon. Nzalu Kiluvutu, the youthful and persuasive Kitui Central Politician who has since moved to Hon Amb Kiema camp and who boosts a huge regional professional following has urged them to back up the politician, The COUNTY DIARY.

This comes a few weeks after Hon Nzalu Kiluvutu made a decisive move to support Amb Kiema Gubernatorial Quest in 2022.

“Amb Kiema is a development concious technocrat with a legislative record as an MP for two terms. I have spoken to my Professional friends and I am therefore issuing a Clarion call to them to support him in 2022” said Mr. Nzalu Kiluvutu.

Having garnered massive support and fan base especially in the youth and Professionals circles after announcing his candidature last year, Nzalu could be the new Kingmaker in Kiema camp.

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Nzalu, a trained professional is a former UN employee with a proven track record in ICT and Online Fundraising.

Nzalu is a computer scientist and a technology enthusiast, a former lecturer, former UN employee, an ex-banker with a vast experience with NGOs and Donor funding ventures.


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