Details have emerged on Makueni IEBC top official Aisha helped Kibwana’s candidate to rig elections in Nguu Masumba Ward by-election.

The mastermind is Kiuluku’s wife a top National official at IEBC who she recently lost a bid to become a commissioner. Mrs. Kiuluku help to clear Timothy Maneno un-procedurally with out having the mandatory symbol for nomination as an independent candidate. I was an independent parliamentary candidate and many people were locked from contesting because they had not gazzetted their symbols on time but Maneno evaded that. Kiuluku is Kibwana’s right hand man, but do i say?

Two days ago I said there was a parallel tallying centre that would hack IEBC systems at an hotel in Makindu, the evidence is on Mutuse’s facebook page. Madam Aisha is not new to such controversy she did that at an hotel at Wote during 2017 polls. If your memory serves you right, you will remember media houses reporting the disappearance of Makueni County returning officer moments before the tally was done? Yes she was busy cooking results at popular hotel near shell petrol station at Wote where Kibwana and his family had had camped to give him the preferred bunch of MCAs.

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Don’t be fooled by media headlines, you and me know that we never vote out all 29 MCAs who were against Kibwana in his first term as reported. We also know that one of the Muungano MCAs in Makueni, Mavindini ward never defeated his Wiper Counterpart. Who doesn’t know Musso won in Kilili, just as Maseka won at Wote and Kalei at Mbitini? Next polls will not be fair if Aisha will remain our County returning officer. Aisha must go!

This was a well calculated move, that would see IT gurus skew BVR logarothims to place Wiper at a distance third to ashame our Party Leader. Governors Kibwana and Mutua are being used by Mt. Kenya mafias who support Raila to bring down Kalonzo and OKA principals coz they declined to deputize him. Mudavadi declined to betray Kalonzo when Kibwana who had been send by Raila hosted him two years ago.

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A man who robs Peter to pay Paul can only depend on the support of Paul. They want to rob Kambas to pay a Luo, but let us see how far they will go after shooting their own legs. In Wiper, we call it the wisdom of a fool!

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