Alfred Mutua is not qualified to issue a statement against a serious and mature man and a leader like Kalonzo Musyoka, he should stick to exchanging insults, threats and wives with fellow boys like Rapper Julius Owino (aka Juliani), who just the other day inherited his wife, while he is still alive.

People have a very short memory: In 2013, when Wiper Party gave Mutuse Mwengi the ticket to vie for Kibwezi West MP, he managed only a paltry 2,965 Votes out of the 45,528 votes (6.5%) cast, but Kalonzo did not complain.

Needless to say, in 2013, Nguu Masumba MCA Elect Hon Timothy Maneno won Nguu Masumba MCA with 3,108 Votes, more than Mutuse’s votes running for MP, on Wiper ticket. Still, in that election, Kalonzo delivered 41,428 Votes to CORD in Kibwezi West out the 45,405 cast (91.2% Votes), to tell you Kalonzo is an Institution.

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We cannot belabour the obvious: If Alfred Mutua cannot lead ONE WOMAN or at least convince her to FOLLOW HIM, and lost his wife to a young man out of negligence of his manly duties, how is he hoping to convince the millions of Kambas who are already sworn to Kalonzo to follow him? By now, Alfred Mutua should have learnt to bite only what he can chew!

Surely, when Afred Mutua calls Kalonzo old and then cavorts with Raila, Ngilu and Kivutha, who is he fooling? The combined age of Raila, Ngilu, Kivutha & Mutua is more than quarter of a Millennium (264 years). Raila is 77, Ngilu is 69, Mutua is 51, Kivutha is 67 like Kalonzo (they were classmates in University!)


Kalonzo Musyoka has only been in an elected position for 28 years and his track record can show. One of his achievements is picking a cinematographer like Alfred Mutua and making him a Governor in Machakos County.

The combined time Raila & Ngilu have been in office for as long as Kalonzo, who have they made Governor in Ukambani? Where was Alfred Mutua when Kalonzo and Wiper won 85% of the Votes in the Machakos County Senatorial By-Election the other day?

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