The leadership of our county has been in question when it comes to matters concerning the outright transition of our county. This has brought the termless quest for the best of our county and the yearn for solidarity when the leadership is concerned. Amb Hon Kiema Kilonzo been our best and only option, down is why we need him herein :

Amb Hon Kiema Kilonzo is more of a transparent leader. Since the county has being facing lot of detrimental cases of conduct in almost every sector, Balozi will keep the county sects in the loop, share information freely, and invite open communications for the smooth running of the county affairs.

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For launded and effective leadership, a leader should be conversant with the both short and long term instigations affecting the county. Amb Kiema Kilonzo has even an extended knowledge and experience for all what has been an issue for the people of Kitui county. The counter of all will be a nontrivial task for the betterment of everyone within the county.

Amb Kiema Kilonzo being an experienced leader , having him as our Caput will elevate the serviceable range of our county through intercounty benchmark with more developing counties. In this, Amb Kiema Kilonzo will peddle the improved proficient service to the Kituians contexting our county into an extra launded developmental phase.


For the better part of our society, Amb Kiema Kilonzo will always have a special link for the youths. Amb. Will set ahead the development agenda for the youths and ensure that the larger group will be at the comfort slate of development and bring a better taste of transition in our county.

The most gratified leadership of our county lies within the promising hands of Amb Kiema Kilonzo.

It is the high time to have a leader who knows the need for development and has a projected plans the well being of Kitui county. Amb Kiema Kilonzo is the action, not the fruit of the action.

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Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo
Governor Ula twiikwatitye Kitui County.

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