By Patrick Makasi

After running down the county and overseeing looting of public funds meant for healthcare provision, outgoing Kaluki Ngilu is now looking for scapegoats for her failures.

The governor has trained her eyes on private chemists operating within Kitui town which she claims are selling drugs stollen from the county referral hospital.

This laughable allegation by the incompetent governor has been rubbished by Kitui residents as a joke of the century, since everybody knows Ngilu has neglected public hospitals and overseen their death by looting all the funds allocated to the health sector.

A day ago, and at night, Ngilu launched an attack on the private dispensing chemists, particularly one owned by an acclaimed surgeon Dr Joshua Matu. She bribed goons and tasked them to illegally and unlawfully attack the private business, a move that has been roundly condemned.

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Our investigations have established that Dr Matu’s Chemist has been running for years, with all requisite licences granted by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya. The facility also keeps a cache of documents on how it procures drugs complete with accompanying receipts.

Dr Matu advised the governor not to transfer her failures to other people while on a desperate bid to look for political mileage.

He said private chemists were out to help the suffering Kitui residents who cannot access medicine at public hospitals because they are not available.

“It is sad that she is waging political war on legal private businesses that have existed for years. The governor has no business interfering with our businesses while seeking cheap political mileage,” Dr Matu said.


“We have not broken any law. We have all the licences from Pharmacy and Poisons Board and all the relevant documentations on how we procure our drugs. She should use the money she is bribing people to stage fake demos to stock hospitals with drug,”

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