By MCA Mbula Mutula

Kalonzo got into politics in 1983. His star rose under political tutelage of the Late president Moi. When Kambanation supremo Mulu Mutisya died in 2004, everyone was in agreement that Kalonzo was the right Political Leader to fill Nau Mutisya’s shoes.

After the Kitaingo Declaration, Son of Malia, suffered from a feeling of Self-entitlement. He started taking Kambas as his property who can be sold at the highest bidder at the table of seeking Presidency. He forgot that the same Kambas required Water, infrastructural development, education, employment etc.

When eyes of a few of political leaders were opened and started asking Kalonzo hard questions, they were branded rebels eager to tear down Kamba Unity. Among Kalonzo’s victims were the late Hon Col. Kiluta & Hon Makau who were MPs Masinga & Mbooni respectively. Hon Musila suffered the same fate. If you are a governor & disagree with Kalonzo, he sets WIPER legislators against you then pretends to come to your rescue as a “peace maker.” For Kivutha it was Cllr Kana & Ngilu it was Hon Mulyungi.

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Hon Muthama has had the longest and most tumultuous relationship with Kalonzo. He accompanied Mulu to campaign for Kalonzo in ’83. He partially financed Kalonzos campaigns numerously & decampaigned anybody who attacked Kalonzo using his own resources. Former MP Kiema Kilonzo & Hon Charles Kilonzo were casualties of Muthama fighting for Kalonzo. Despite all that Kalonzo had it in to frustrate & politically destroy Muthama. He tried rigging him out during party nominations in 2007 & 2013. It’s purely Muthama’s charisma & popularity that enabled him to survive.

Matters came to a head in 2017 when Kalonzo literally appointed ALL WIPER nominees & brooked no discussion to the contrary. Muthama couldn’t stomach these shenanigans and told Kalonzo as much. The latter, egged on by WIPER MPs, ignored. After the elections Muthama tried talking to Kalonzo but Kalonzo was adamant (& was working to finish Muthama off). The infamous quote “na mtu asijaribu….” during Kalonzo’s father’s burial was being directed to Muthama. Consequently he cut ties with Kalonzo who had become an insufferable & egocentric dictator.

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Besides, Kalonzo continued with his self-cannibalization venture untill he met reality at Nguu/Masumba Ward. Despite doing very little for Makueni County electorate, he expected to win MCA seat as before. He found the going tough for him. Newly formed Johnson Muthama’s UDA beat UDA in the By-election.

The downfall for the son of Tsekuru has began.He has lost standing in OKA. The only position he can get in Presidential arrangement is a running mate or the speaker of National Assembly/Senate after general election. This will make him lose big in command of votes in the South Eastern to Muthama’s UDA because UDA has already made more in-roads than Jubilee had done. This marks the start of Kalonzo’s downfall in Kamba Nation politics.

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