Presidential contender William Ruto has today taken a swipe on his opponents, claiming that they are glued to the prestige that comes with holding an esteemed office in the government. According to the deputy president, other presidential candidates aren’t interested in uplifting the lives of Kenyans.

Speaking while in Mwingi, Kitui county, the second in command faulted his boss on grounds that he betrayed their Big Four Agenda for the Building Bridges Initiative. Mr Ruto once again displayed his joy at the collapse of the BBI, stating that the whole reggae was destined to deflate.

The second in command went on to utter that the country is trodding in a poverty-stricken terrain and that many youths have slid into depression because of unemployment among other factors. It is because of this that he purposes to revive the economy, also advising other presidential aspirants to bestow their first priority on uplifting the economy.

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Echoing his past statements while in Bungoma, Ruto appeared to have taken a calculated hit at the Wiper leader by mentioning that the former vice presidents shouldn’t use difficult terms in trying to coax Kenyans into believing they are the best fit for the presidential role.

He added that political bigwigs are bitter towards him for he keeps unearthing the truth in his quest for job creation and economic revival.

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