By Patrick Makasi.

I think kitui Governor Charity Ngilu must be regretting starting a fire she cannot put off. You know kitui governor behaves like a kid on Twitter.

She loves posting every thought and grinning as she sees comments. That’s what happens when you try to embrace technology at such an advanced age.

You try to fit in a generation that does not share anything common with you. Sometimes people of Kitui are ashamed of the things she posts on Twitter. We hope the whole world knows that what she tweets does not reflect the sentiments of Kitui people or Kamba nation at large.

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While she is usually forgiven for her naivety while using Twitter, she did a fatal mistake to translate that to a political rally. Ngilu is one of the oldest politicians in Kenya even though she has never delivered.

This is someone who competed with the late President Moi. All those years she should have known the right way to campaign.

When she stood on the podium at Wote, Makueni she decided to go overboard. She wanted to impress the likes of Raila who were in attendance. It is when Ngilu still tries to impress people on rallies so that she can score cheap political points.


She made allegations towards Ruto and now she’s paying dearly for that. While in Thika, Duale exposed how corrupt Ngilu is.

While as Minister of Water in Kibaki’s administration, she burned evidence when she was accused of corruption. She was transferred to health ministry where she brought KEMSA to its knees. Uhuru pitied her and brought her to his government.

Here Ngilu became the first person to be charged over corruption charges according to Duale.

It’s a pity that after looting money nationally, she came back home to loot from her own people. A few months and we get rid of her in 2022.

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