KITUI: MP Mulyungi, Senator Kiio Stand off

Mwingi Central MP Dr. Mulyungi tells Senator Enoch Kiio off for misleading Mwingi people that he will create a county for them through his proposed bill in the National Assembly.

Mulyungi termed the bill fake, political theatrics, cheap gimmick and pure dishonesty. He said Kiio is a conman, for the creation of Mwingi county is not possible now without President Uhuru’s hand.

The vocal MP told Senator Kiio to first focus on creating Kabati or Mutonguni county if it’s doable.

“Senator Kiio is purely a conman. His Mwingi County pursuit is not possible for now. If the creation of the county is possible now, I would pursue it more than himself.. because I would be the first beneficiary as governor. Please note somewhere, if there’ll ever be a new agenda on county creation, that can be possible if the President himself gives a node.

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Tell him his bill is fake. The senator can try seeking to get a Kabati or Mutonguni County” __Dr. Gideon Mulyungi spoke in Kitui on Friday.

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