If Not for brave determination by our forefathers even today Kenya will be a colony to Our white masters.

But being true to the spirits, patriotism and Nationalism they went out of they are way to fight for what was right to our people and to the Nation (Kenya).

Guided by the same spirit am ready today to defend our Motherland from any Political annexation. I call upon everybody to join in this fight and be true to our generations.

Our people are being lied that we will get job opportunities in new county dispensation ,that is total lie we can’t get more than we have.

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The secondly we are being told we will get more resources again another white lie .
The parameters of resources sharing will not change with additional Mwingi county.
In fact all counties don’t get the same share of Resources. Kitui gets more than Makueni and Turkana County gets more than Kitui County.

The lie Senator is trying to coax people with that Kitui will get 10 billion and new Mwingi County 10 billion is daylight lie and we must Courageously tell Senator Kioo on his face to keep off.

We Must as People and Youths of our Generation make sure Kitui East remains in KITUI County no matter boundaries review ,that’s place we can fit politically without Much Political boxing .
Today our brothers and sisters from Mwingi feel marginalization in Kitui because from the beginning they have never felt to be part of Kitui. Same to Kitui East we have never been part of Mwingi both socially , culturally, Economically , Geographically or Politically. We have always been greater Family of Former Kitui District.

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Signed by
Katunda Kingangi
KITUI County YOUTH Leader.

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