Welcome back to WIPER David Musila, but just like in 2017, there is no direct ticket for you in 2022!Former Kitui Senator David Mailu Musila has finally succumbed to his own regrets and shame and rejoined his former political party WIPER after abandoning it in 2017!

It is laughable how old Musila finally decided to crawl back to WIPER like the biblical prodigal son who after squandering his inheritance with whores and fellow drunkards finally returned home to the chagrin of his family!Like the lost son.

Musila finally caved into his own mistakes and regreted fleeing Ukambani’s most popular party and with remorse, he finally saw the light and returned home!Anyway, WIPER survived his betrayal and departure with the presence and support of loyal members and supporters!So when and why did Musila flee WIPER?


The 75 year old former Kitui Senator fled WIPER in 2017 after losing the party’s gubernatorial nominations to then incumbent governor Dr. Julius Malombe.

For starters, Musila had demanded the party issues him a direct ticket laying claim to his chairmanship – a demand the party’s National Executive Council declined and ordered him to face then governor Julius Malombe in a competitive party nomination exercise instead.

And after losing the party nominations fair and square to Dr. Malombe, Musila bolted out of WIPER like a tornado!With a temper highly flammable like gasoline, Musila then began his tirade of unprintable abuse to the WIPER party, its candidates, members and supporters.

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Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka was not spared either with his hate and disdain towards him showing clearly when he refused to attend the burial of the party leader’s late father back in 2018.

Musila has since spent the last five years freaking over that loss, whining, complaining and blaming Kalonzo Musyoka for his refusal to grant his demands for a direct party ticket in 2017!And why has Musila decided to rejoin the WIPER Party today?For his selfish interests of course! In his usual self-centered attitude to life, Musila believes the world starts and ends with him.

He thinks if it is not him, then it shouldn’t be anyone else at WIPER House!The selfish Musila wants to cling on Kalonzo Musyoka’s coat tails for another attempt to the kitui governor’s race in 2022.

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In his characteristic selfishness, he will once again demand for a direct nomination from the party instead of facing other candidates in a competitive contest for the ticket!

Of course the party’s leadership will decline that dictatorial demand just like it did back in 2017!Musila will be forced to fight for the ticket alongside front runner Dr. Julius Malombe and Kiema Kilonzo where he will once again be beaten hands down by Kitui County’s popular candidate for the gubernatorial seat and development juggernaut Dr. Julius Malombe.

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