As kitui populace we have suffered a big deal.its So unfortunate that we have gone to hospital and no drugs available,our women have walked for long hours in search for water, Insurance schemes failed,and also enduring swidling of our resources.

It’s high time we people of kitui county wake up and ask ourselves hard but rather sober question,in whose hands are we safe?.

A quick audit on the type and style of leadership both former and the current,it’s clear we have been and are in total mess

For kitui county to be in the next level economically,and development wise we need a sober ,youthful,tested and tried leader Amb Hon kiema kilonzo.

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It’s in the hands of this son of the soil,rights defender then kitui county will be a power to reckon with.During all his stint in different helms of leadership ,praises and envy towards his development record have been order of the day.

Kitui populace have unanimously agreed it’s only in the hands of Amb Hon Kiema Kilonzo that we will be safe.

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