After last week’s Kamandio declaration that Ngilu deserves no chance in Kitui’s gubernatorial election, today marked yet another ugly day for the mbee nzei kaserikali.

Businessman and politician Safari njema was in Maliku location, of Kisasi ward sharing his encounter with the “failed Kitui County Govt”.

He narrated how Kyeni Foundation (founded by Mama Edith Malombe_ May she rest in peace) donated shoes to Maliku Girls students after a dormitory was burned down recently.

In his experience with mbee nzei administration, Safari Njema explained how he called the Governor seeking support for a girls’ school whose dormitory had been burnt down.

“Instead of the governor giving her support, she delegated her role to Education CO Mrs Peter who gave an excuse that she was busy with a burial program for a governor’s relative. “The CO told me to follow up with her the following week but finally gave an answer that “the county was broke and had no budget”. … see, we must speak to our people and must tell them the truth …he added.

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Safari Njema further revealed that he called MP Mwalika who intervened and supported the school using the emergency kitty.

He concluded his speech by drumming support for Dr. Julius Malombe in this year’s polls …”When you see Malombe asking for your votes around, please vote him.” He said amid cheers from mourners.

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