People are worried about the situation in our referral hospital mortuary. It is sad that no person can pass near the mortuary.

The stench coming from that hospital is bad. You can smell it miles away from the mortuary. Does that mean the dead bodies are not being well preserved? Do we lack proper facilities required to preserve bodies?

The people who are in that mortuary are our loved ones. They deserve respect in their last moments on earth. Have we become so callous such that we do not respect the dead?

What is the Kitui health minister Winnie Kitetu doing to ensure the mortuary is in proper condition? We have been silent when the theatre has been run down. We have been silent when drugs have been stolen from our hospitals. We have been silent when we have to seek medical attention from other counties. But Winnie and the entire mbee nzei government, know that we will not be silent as you disrespect the dead.

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