Sometimes the garbage can decide to take itself out. This is the case that might unfold soon in Kitui County. Residents may not have to go to lengths of voting Ngilu out. There’s good indication that she might not even be on the ballot.

Problem started when she tried to grasp straws and blame other people for her incompetence and utter failure. She said that she performed dismally because MCAs did not support her.

The MCAs have come out to expose her. They have passed all required bills and budget for Kitui County. When they pass a project at the County Assembly, Ngilu goes ahead and changes it to suit her needs and embezzle money.

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After this painful expose, people in her inner circle says she is cowering in fear. She has realized she has zero chances of getting reelected. Now she has hatched another plan. Instead of wasting money in campaigns, she will drop out of gubernatorial contest. She is planning to support Raila instead in the hope that she will be given a CS position.

Raila should also be careful. The last time Kibaki and Uhuru gave Ngilu a ministry they ended up regretting. She steals everywhere she goes. It is not surprising to find sometimes she steals stuff from her own house. She has developed an incurable chronic disease of stealing and looting.

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