By Patrick Makasi.

One of the brightest legal minds in Kenya has spoken and given us a way forward as Kamba nation.

Mutula Kilonzo has spoken passionately on how we should chart forward politically as a community and the position Kalonzo holds in guiding Kamba people.

Mutula Kilonzo is of the opinion that Kalonzo should not join Azimio with promise of being given National Assembly Speaker position. He says since the speaker position will be determined by voting, Ruto’s UDA might get away with it if they get many MPs.

Kalonzo should now know it is the moment we marched towards State House.

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Kalonzo unlike Raila Odinga and William Ruto is widely accepted allover the country.

He should not negotiate out of fear and if Raila is not willing to cede power to him, he should go into the ballot.

As Kamba nation we will always have his back. We will not accept to see our Kingpin being misled by the three failed governors of Ukambani.

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