Since OKA announced that they were ready to join AZIMIO, some quarters are not sitting pretty.
UDA of Ruto knows that this could be dangerous and would rather three political formations than two.

This could be the reason decoy KURIA is giving conditions of Joining OKA: NO JOINING AZIMIO because their ideologies are different fromm CHAMA CHA KAZI.

There’s no two way about it. KURIA is in a mission to scuttle and derail the already existing political arrangements in Azimio which was to be renamed AZIMIO-One Kenya Alliance.

Chama CHA KAZI is a UDA scion working in cohorts. He is therefore representing Ruto in this political conundrum. KURIA and Ruto are alarmed by a revamped rejuvenated Jubilee and therefore would rather stop any alliance that strengthens AZIMIO.

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KALONZO and OKA should not entertain KURIA overtures as they’re not genuine. This is politics and politicians are known for DECEIT AND DECEPTIONS.
Moses KURIA is not HONEST. OKA MANDARINS should open their eyes.

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