The distinguished urological surgeon Dr Joshua Matu together with his team of urologists kicked off free Medical camp at Jordan hospital in kitui county.

The team of urological surgeons from Nairobi on Friday joined Dr Joshua to carry out free urology and prostate cancer screening camp at Jordan hospital today 18th to 19th, March 2022.

Over 1200 patients are expected to be screened and be treated. Last year, over one thousand patients with related illness were treated and none reported back with similar illness, they have been healed, Dr Joshua added.

Jordan Hospital, the renowned and trusted urology and fertility health facility in the lower Eastern, has been conducting free medical camps in the Lower Eastern for several years.

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These highly needed, yet rare, medical camp are aimed at helping the needy members of the public in Kitui County and beyond.

Dr Joshua Matu Moves To Make Lower Eastern Catheter free Region.

The distinguished urological surgeon and consultant in Kenya and abroad has been holding free medical camps in his Hospital facility aimed at helping the needy members of the public for free.

Last year, the hospital conducted successful urological camps where over 1000 people suffering from catheter-related illnesses were treated and operated on—free of charge.

Speaking to the press, Joshua said he aims to make Eastern Kenya region Catheter free by conducting free operations on needy patients right at Jordan hospital in Kitui county.

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Jordan Hospital will continue conducting free urology and prostate cancer screening camp to all men aged 50yrs and above for free every as part of giving back to the community.

Get the best treatment at the
Jordan Hospital, the ” Early Diagnosis Saves Lives”.

Under the leadership of Dr Joshua Matu, Jordan hospital wishes to declare the eastern region catheter free in the year 2022.

If you know anyone, refer him to benefit from this CSR Courtesy of Jordan hospital catheter free foundation.

Photo file: Dr Joshua matu supervised the operastion.

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