The escalated agitation for better and adequate representation for Kitui Central constituency is taking shape every single day as aspirants gather war chest to break the incumbent Dr Makali Mulu during the general election.

The entry of Flamboyant, popular and charismatic Nairobi business man and politicians Hon Henry Musyoka Malonza to kitui central Parliamentary race under jubilee party ticket is likely to break Wiper Member of Parliament hon Dr Makali Mulu political career in the middle.

The flashy politician ran as an independent candidate in 2017 and emerged number two in general election, according to the political pundits, Musyoka is currently putting up his structures and strategy to unseat Mp Makali Mulu..

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Malonza has officially joined president uhuru kenyatta’s Jubilee party, he ostensibly will fly the party ticket for kitui central constituency in August general election.

Henry is among leaders whose contribution in kitui central can not be erased from history. He is a moneyed individual with networks that cut across the country.

He will give Dr Makali Mulu a run for his money.

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