Ambassador Kiema kilonzo is tactful, shrewd and politically savvy politician than former kitui Governor Dr Malombe. He is also well connected in and outside Kitui County as well as in diplomatic and business circles in Kenya and abroad.

Kiema is approachable, simple, friendly, jovial, loyal, generous, accomodating and free in dealing with other leaders and common citizens alike. You can easily walk into his office and he will listen to you.

Malombe is a narrow minded political novice who is a poor mobilizer and extremely difficult in relating with other citizens as well as fellow leaders.

He is well known for being insensitive, uncooperative, rigid, mean, proud and arrogant and that is why he does not answer or make calls to fellow leaders.

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As Governor, Malombe never picked Kalonzo’s calls and openly mocked him in his one man show cabinet where he ruled with an iron fist. He does not listen to anybody.

He wants to be worshipped like a god – ask any of his Ministers, Chief Officers, Advisors Directors or MCAs or Speaker Ndotto.

If he clinches the Governor seat, he would behave like a hyena or cat which someone gives a chunk of meat. It will bite back. Ask Kalonzo, Nyiva, Musila or any Kitui MP from 2013 to 2017 who has initially propelled him to power.

His arrogance and rigidity forced the then Mwingi Central MP Mutambu to storm his office with a huge demonstration forcing him to cowardly scamper to safety.

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It is also why the sharp and articulate former Ngomeni MCA Nzungi Ngwele mooted an impeachment motion before Ndotto and Musila intervened to persuade the MCAs to abandon the plan.

For 5 years as Governor, Malombe ran the county as a personal kiosk creating tiny useless projects across the county that only benefitted his tender cartels controlled by his family. Instead of implementing big life changing projects, he went on a frenzy building toilets, village market sheds and other small time projects in thousands only to benefit his cartels who worshipped him like a god. Kituians rejected him for all these sins and many more.

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Malombe wants a return to save his collapsed fortune and revive his equally broke cartels.

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