Sky Moon

It’s a few months until we get rid of the parasite we unfortunately elected to be our governor. The problem is that she is not going away without kicks of a dying horse. She has been caught spreading propaganda and many people think she might be running berserk.

The rejected governor had the audacity to blame Wiper MCAs for her underwhelming performance as the county boss. There’s nowhere in Kenya that MCAs worked diligently like in Kitui County.

The problem is that they have a governor who does not want to put any effort when it comes to development issues. Everytime the MCAs pass budget for something, Ngilu would trash it and loot the money.

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If they dared to ask she would run and burn down the offices destroying any incriminating evidence. At one time the MCAs wanted to impeach her and she used millions of our county money to thwart that process.

Ngilu has no place to hide. Even in Azimio she is becoming more isolated everyday. Her space has now been taken by Martha Karua. Her political career is over.

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