By Ken safari.

This is a crystal clear revelation that there many renegades, fickle and inconstant leaders who have no firm ground and are ready to defect. Both sides will have their allies and affiliates bolt and decamp.

It has started with Dr. Alfred Mutua, We don’t know who is going to follow him. This is Just a fine embodiment that there are many leaders camouflaging.

They are cunning, ingenious and wily. Instead of solving plights of the People, they are running for their personal gains.
A polite remember, pocket their money but vote wisely.

Don’t trade Your vote for money because this has been a prevalent behaviour!
Many leaders are Just masquerading, guising, disguising and concealing to be championing to address the tribulations and grievances of the hoi polloi, civilians, demotic and denizens of this country when they don’t mean to do it.

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They are Just after Your votes.
Beware of their proxies, stooge, foot soldiers, bandwagons and rabble rousers. Some are on heavy payrolls and receiving fat cheques in their furtive and conclave meetings.

Others are holding symposiums to deceive the gullible voters. Just be wise. All the same, everybody has the freedom, liberty and autonomy to ally, align and affiliate themselves with political parties and coalitions of choice and here, we respect Dr. Alfred Mutua for his decision.

It is his constitutional and democratic right!
Nice Afternoon My County People, Let’s exigent for transformational and constructive leadership

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