Decorated businessman and UDA Parliamentary candidate, Ben Muasya Mutiso, continues to win the hearts of Kitui West Constituency residents ahead of the August general election.

Muasya, popularly known to his constituents as ‘Wathi Mweu’ has been repeatedly praised by his constituency residents and locals as a suave and energetic political aspirant and leader. In the local markets and shopping centers, Muasya is celebrated for successfully challenging the long standing political dominance of the Nyenze family in Kitui West Constituency.

Even so, it is not surprising to the Kitui West residents that on the ballot, in the upcoming August polls, Hon. Muasya will still be battling a member of the infamous Nyenze family.

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According to political analysts and local opinion from Kitui West residents, the need to eliminate familial dominance from the political sphere clears their choice for Hon. Muasya.

This, they say, will pave way for better development and accountability, and even more gain for the locals who have barely been benefiting from government resources.

In what is now termed as a ‘two horse race’ for Kitui West Constituency parliamentary seat, the locals continue to describe Hon. Muasya as a down to earth leader, whose contribution to their social welfare has been nothing but outstanding and impeccable.

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